On January 29 and 30, 2019, the Alliance for HOPE International came to Forsyth County for a two day Study Tour. The Study Tour assessed our community’s readiness for a Family Justice Center. In the morning of the 29th, Family Services and our planning partners welcomed 175 people to SECCA to hear a presentation from Community Leaders and Casey Gwinn, with the Alliance for HOPE International.

After the morning presentation, members of the Alliance led focus groups throughout the county for 150 individuals to gather feedback on our community and to assess our strengths and growth areas. The focus groups included two groups of survivors, who spoke of their first hand experience of receiving services in Forsyth County.

At the end of the two-day study tour, the Alliance for HOPE International debriefed with the planning committee. The leaders of the Alliance for HOPE International celebrated all that our community has already achieved, while also providing some specific feedback on areas of growth.

For those unable to attend the Community Forum at SECCA, the morning of January 29th, you can view the powerpoint slides from the presentation here:

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